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Netmetrix Group
in Europe

Netmetrix has been founded by experts in the field of network and application monitoring and performance analysis sharing a common business vision and common personal values. We operate across EMEA with a direct presence in Spain, France and Italy.‚Äč

We help any organization to control, secure, optimize and operate its digital  virtual and hybrid infrastructures by providing integrated solutions for testing, visibility, monitoring, automation and service assurance.


Thanks to a wide partner ecosystem and our internal expertise, we can provide a complete solution, from assessment services to a full outsourcing, offering also technology as-a-service, as well we can address a single specific customer need, like validate a service or automate an IT process.


At Netmetrix Group, we help our customers to:

  • Extract and monetize valuable data
  • Measure, improve and assure business processes
  • Analyze and validate the impact of digital transformation
  • Enforce Cybersecurity with intelligent visibility
  • Optimize and improve quality of digital services
  • Add automation and intelligence to NetOps and SecOps